Cattle Handling & Feed Equipment

A Division of Hudson Industries

Bulk bins

new 5 ton 2

Standard 5 Ton pictured

5 ton Model

Overall height - 11 2

Door height from ground - 22


The ground opening lid has an opening of 36

Site glass in front

Foot print measures 66x66

Skids have holes for anchoring to concrete


1 ton Portable new wheels & tires, Tail lights, 2 ball coupler, fenders, safety chain, sight glass, rain guard. overall height 7 width 59 length 86

1 ton portable pictured                Appx. 620 lb.

14 ga. steel construction, available in:

-5 Ton

-3 Ton Stationary

-3 Ton portable single axle

-1 Ton portable

-1 Ton Stationary



1 ton stationary pictured


3 Ton bin. Overall height 9 Width 66x66. Ground opening lid, sight glass, rain guard

Portable model comes with new 15 6ply wheels        and tires

Jack on tongue with clevis hitch


3 ton portable pictured      Appx 1010 lb.

3 ton stationary pictured

Discontinued Items